Java: Not so stupid series

I always read the “Not so stupid questions” series on Java Today. It was becoming difficult for me to keep the questions list. Sometime, you need the questions list and you don’t find it; don’t you hate that? First thing came to mind was my blog! After all we are supposed to use these tools to organize our personal information; isn’t it? Blogs were invented for that,so I thought to make a list as a post and let others find the entire list in one place.

I googled for stupid questions list but I couldn’t find a single page enlisting all of them. :( But this problem is not there anymore. You would like to bookmark this page for your reference ;)

(Not So) Stupid Questions series:

Q 01: Should I try to declare more of my methods to be static?

Q 02: Some side-effects of String equality don’t make sense

Q 03: Some uses of the private keyword don’t make sense.

Q 04: I have no idea when to create a new package and what should go in it.

Q 05: When should I implement an interface, over inheriting from a parent class?

Q 06: How can you justify Dimension java.awt.Component.getMinimumSize() when Dimension does not implement Comparable?

Q 07: There are some weird Java operators I don’t understand.

Q 08: What’s the deal with serialVersionUID?

Q 09: I’m attending my first JavaOne. What should I plan on?

Q 10: Other than bundling my classes, what good does a JAR do me?

Q 11: I have a question about a Java feature. Who do I ask?

Q 12: Can I use the ‘Java’ name in an open-source project?

Q 13: Why do constructors have to start with a call to super()?

Q 14: Why is if (true); considered valid Java syntax?

Q 15: How can a constructor be private?

At the time of writing this post, only 15 questions were available. If any additional questions are appeared, I will update the post.

Published December 23 2006

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