Need for Speed: Carbon - What’s next?

Need for Speed: Carbon is the latest release from EA. This game is way ahead of its predecessors in physics and modeling. The stunning graphics, great music and nicely arranged plot made my day. I have been playing NFS since NFS 2. Since then I played every release and my all time favorite is Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed. That game was something really stunning graphics, Porsche theme and way too real than its competitors! I was wondering, what will be the next version of NFS: Carbon? If we see the trend of games, it can be categorized as follows:

  • NFS 2 - Plain racing
  • NFS 3 - Pursuit
  • NFS 4 - Racing with better physics and realism
  • NFS 5 - Theme based game (Porsche lineup)
  • NFS 6 - Pursuit (Reloaded version of NFS 3)
  • NFS 7 - Underground theme
  • NFS 8 - Underground theme reloaded in much better way
  • NFS 9 - Mix n’ match of pursuit and career mode
  • NFS 10 - Underground theme revisited again with strong pursuit and territory based career mode

EA has always tried to put new race modes and latest cars. A constant effort to make NFS more than just racing can be observed in previous games. So what can be the next theme? I think a more realistic betting could be another option. Player earns and bets in racing. If you loose all the money, you are out of the career mode and your cars will be lost. The customization is the key now. Autosculpt in NFS carbon has done a great job. NFS carbon was having many other things such as crew members and some racing modes. I miss drag racing though! :(

What you think?

Published December 21 2006

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