Hacking with Arduino

Recently I started learning about Arduino and its applications. Lately, I started coming across really cool projects done with this small wonder. Few interesting once are -
  • Secret knock detecting door (link)
  • High speed photography using Arduino (link)
  • Arduino project>
I didn't know that micro-controller programming is this fun. All these years, I wrote software in higher level languages and thought micro-controllers are for only electronics engineers. I was obviously wrong! Arduino is fully open-source and community supported. Arduino programming happens in C++ and all the software required for programming is available for free from its website. You can develop for Arduino on all popular platforms and its very fun to use. All the Arduino libraries are well documented and it won't take long before you build something cool in the world of physical computing. I have created a simple LCD display library as well. I am still learning my way around this and expecting to do better in coming days. You can find all my Arduino projects code on github. Want to do more hacking in coming days.

Published December 20 2010

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