Delete My Account

I have few questions for you -
  • For how many years, are you using Internet?
  • Can you remember all the sites where you created an account or shared your personal information? (Email, Phone number, Birth date etc.)
  • Although you can remember all the websites you registered, can you keep those accounts active forever?
Whenever I ask these questions to myself, I get uncomfortable. There are probably 50 websites, who have my online account and personal information. It might be more in most probability. Considering this might be similar situation for most of us, how to make sure that you can delete your account? Most of the websites like Google / Yahoo allows you to delete the account completely. Although few of my readers will love to debate about its actual process. :) Considering our faith in these online services, I am not quite sure what does complete account removal means for these online websites (Facebook / Gmail / Yahoo etc). Even if it is not complete removal at least I have an option to go and remove my online account information. For most of the websites this option is not available at all! I will love to make this as public awareness that we should have account removal as standard feature on all the websites who allow users to sign-up. It should be complete removal of account (including all personal information) and not limited to just un-subscribing user from their mailing list. This will make lot of users much more comfortable to create online account.

Published May 03 2010

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