Ubuntu 7.10: Multiple monitors chaos

I have already started early testing of Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon). I am very impressed so far with the stability, performance and features. Today, I tried to configure multiple monitors for presentation. After lots of efforts I couldn’t configure them in proper way. Whenever projector screen was being used, laptop screen resolution will get messed up.

After lots of efforts I couldn’t get it working and finally I gave up. I think, Gutsy is just not ready yet. So far, I couldn’t get the multiple monitors working. Somebody has already started a thread here. (Sorry… no replies yet :( )

I just hope that this feature will be better supported in main release or at least in a patch, as early as possible.

For now, I guess at least with beta this kind of humour still stands true. :)

Linux Dog

Published October 12 2007

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