Shhhh... Gutsy is coming!

Gutsy Gibbon is declared and its about to hit the road in couple of weeks. I was excited by the news of new Ubuntu. Breezy was good but I was having few issues with it. Many of those got fixed in Feisty. To quote a few issues were wireless connectivity, widescreen monitor drivers for specific nVidia chipsets etc.

Finally another version is on the verge of a release and I’m quite sure that, this release must be better than ever. Ubuntu 7.10 is declared and its code name is ‘Gutsy Gibbon’. For the developers and geeks who can’t wait for couple of weeks, there is a beta version download available which can be upgraded later on. Those can’t wait another second on the post please proceed here for download.

So what’s new in this release? (Features I liked the most are listed here)

  • GNOME 2.20 GNOME is coming reloaded with lots of features. A detailed description of all the features which will be improved / introduced can be found here.
  • Dynamic screen configuration for nVidia, ATI etc. chipsets. This was one of the features where Linux lacks a lot than Windows. I hate to compare Linux features with Windows yard-stick but sometimes it becomes necessary.
  • Automatic printer configuration! I remember spending about an hour in just getting one printout on Kubuntu. This seems to be pretty nice if this works as expected.

Apart from the tiny list mentioned above there are loads of features available in GNOME new release. Go checkout all of them and start writing your precious reviews about the improvements or bugs in the system. I would be hunting blogosphere for reviews related to gutsy.

Thank you very much Ubuntu team for the hard work and prompt releases. Please keep the good work going as you always did!

Published October 04 2007

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