Bollywood is Bollywood!

Today, after watching ‘Shootout at Lokhandwala’ (SAL), I realized that there is huge difference in the quality of movies produced in Hollywood and Bollywood. Directors like Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen and Steven Spielberg make movies which has lots of research and study. Not only the shot but the finest detail of shot gets enough attention. Movies which are having based on past events are shot with great precision to make sure that they don’t have any present day detail.

In SaL I found few blunt mistakes which could have been fixed while shooting or at least at the editing time. On the top of mind few things come are -

  • Tata Indigo! - The movie is shot in 1989-1992 timeframe. When Sunil Shetty makes a blank call to his wife, I could see a white colored Tata Indigo car passing by. Its impossible to see that car in 1991! The car was launched in India in year 2002. Strange to see that car in 1991. :)
  • AA Group posters! - In the song ‘Ganpat’ when group of people are dancing on the top of a bus, we could easily see ‘Anil Dhirubhai Ambani’ Group advertisements on the light poles. This group was founded in 2005 after division of Ambani group of companies. I thought roots of this group were founded in 1992 :)

In addition to that, there are other small mistakes too. Which you can easily find like the bikes which were not present in movie time line etc.

Looks like Indian directors have to put little more efforts in research and analysis to make movie more authentic and real. Movies like Hollywood ending, Schindler’s List were based on past events. They were so real that you will believe those were produced from original footage which was conceived in the movie timeline.

Off to see Shrek 3! :)

Published June 02 2007

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