Like New Reader Feature

Ever you wished about a feature in product and it happened right away? How quick? Well in my case it took 7 hours flat! Yesterday night before sleeping, I tried to organize my Google Reader subscriptions. I wanted to categorize them with labels. Man, that was real pain! :( For each label it will say “Fetching you subscription list” and the pane size keeps on changing. That was really painful for me to arrange my reading list.

I opened my mail editor to send feedback to Google Reader that I want you to make it simpler! But I didn’t send the mail and fall asleep. I wake in morning, go to Reader and amazingly I could see the screen below :)

New Reader Feature

Man, that was quick! I happily organized the reading list and I have decided to be with Google Reader for some more time.

Kudos to Google team.

Published June 28 2006

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