What Ubuntu User say?

I was on vacation for last few days. :) I got chance to talk to once of my friend who is using Ubuntu on his laptop. He was using Breezy Badger distribution and the laptop was little old and upgraded one. I was curious to have a talk with him regarding his suggestion / feedback.

He was also going through same cycle of happiness which I experienced before! What made me more curious was, he was using a 3-4 years old laptop which was upgraded in terms of RAM and other hardware. That was IBM Thinkpad with earlier Pentium 4 processors. He said, he could run it smoothly and there were no hardware issues at all! He could install everything very easily and comfortably. That is a reason for toast!

He was happy with performance and also features. I would like to mention his one quote, which everybody will agree… “It is better than Windows XP!”

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