NetBeans Vs Eclipse

Let me clear in beginning, I am strong fan of Eclipse. I have been using Eclipse for past 3 years and its very powerful. I love it for whole lot of reasons which I can’t mention here.

In Javaone conference I heard a lot about cool NetBeans demos and features. I decided to give it a go. I wasn’t expecting much from NetBeans. I installed the IDE, enterprise pack & profiler. To begin with created a simple web-application project. Integrated Glassfish / Sun App server really makes testing extremely easy. Just out-of-curiosity I clicked on the debug button with a breakpoint in a bean and surprisingly it allowed me to debug my web-application. Earlier I used to spend hours of time by writing log traces and analyzing them to debug application. Such debugging feature comes really hadny and makes coding extremely productive.

Beyond that, UML modeling (both way), testing, Web-services & BPEL integration makes NetBeans a real powerful JavaEE IDE. Many wizards are available to perform mundane coding / modification tasks. It is aware of Java 2, 5 & 6 syntax hence, it makes development easier for any version of Java. JSF & Struts are integrated so no worry for web developers. But I need to admit the editor of Eclipse is far better than NetBeans. For everything else the NetBeans is just superb!

Waiting for more in coming days. :)

Published June 10 2006

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